Sixpoint Hi-res IIIPA 4 pack 12oz Can

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To see the hop cone up close, we zoomed in microscopic, and found a hi-res view. In Hi-Resolution, the hop optic was magnified; our perception, fully amplified. It's microscopic. It's telescopic. It's off-topic. It's Mad Science. Let's talk optics. The study of light, and the eyeball… aka the prism that sends images blasting through your dome like a movie projector. As technology advances, resolution increases, so we can see the bigger picture and the finer details. We're increasing the view -- in both directions… Magnify the hop factor, amplify perception. Study the hop cone up close… this shiz is Hi-Resolution. We went microscopic; we got a grander view. Crack a HI-RES and widen your scope, both directions.
Category Dubbel
Country United States
Region New York
Brand Sixpoint
Alcohol/vol 10.5%