Domaine Dublère Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Planchots du Nord 2015

Domaine Dublère Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Planchots du Nord 2015

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The red is a deep cherry color with garnet highlights. It boasts a bouquet of small red and black fruits (blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry) and lowers (violet). The body is ample and discreetly tannic and the fruit remains present. Frequently one will ind an elegant hint of Morello cherry. Roundness, volume, power and balance are all here, and in just the right proportions. Serving Suggestions: Its solid, mouth-illing power would be a match for good cuts of beef, or even seared fattened goose liver (foie gras poêlé). With a crispy roast fowl, the wine's leshiness would compensate for a certain dryness in the ibrous lesh of the bird and it would likewise support in the same way more aromatic poultry dishes (glazed or caramelized). For cheeses, it would do better with sweeter flavoured types such as Chaource, Brie de Meaux, Tomme, Reblochon, Cantal, Mont d'Or, Époisses.
Category Wine
Region France, Burgundy::Savigny les Beaune
Brand Domaine Dublère